About me

Andy was born on the island of Barbados,he migrated to the Bronx,NY. Upon completion of high school he entered the United States Air Force where his first duty station was Cannon AFB, Clovis, N.M.That's where his passion for photography started,there was a knock at his door and there stood a camera salesman .He offered Andy a free 35mm film camera and free monthly developing.Free ?,Andy couldn't pass up this deal ,all he had to do  was  give him free advertising by showing it to all his friends.Well to make a long story short the salesman walked off with 4oo dollars and the rest was history but Andy had a camera and enjoyed taking pictures.Fast forward to now and Andy's passion has grown even more in the digital age ,after photographing whatever came into his sights Andy decided to settle and became a portrait photographer.He has found inspiration in the works of Gordon Parks,Ansel Adams and Robert Capa

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